MV Live Landing Page

The MV Live landing page

The MV Live landing page lets you see everyone who's live! To navigate to it, simply click Live:

The Live icon can be found on the right on desktop.

The Live icon can be found in the footer menu on mobile devices.


Clicking "Now live" will take you to a dashboard giving you a sample of live Creators, most popular creators, and new Creators on MV Live. Clicking "View more" next to any category will filter your dashboard results:

You can click "View more" over the Most Popular category to see all MV Live's most popular Creators.

You can also filter via the top bar menu:

You can quickly navigate MV Live via the top bar.

Click on a Creator's icon to visit their Live room! Be sure to show your appreciation! Find out more in How do I tip a Creator during a live show?

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