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What is Bitsafe?

Bitsafe is a payout solution that allows MV Stars to receive their earnings directly to their Bitsafe account.

Bitsafe payouts provide flexibility and convenience for withdrawing earnings. Withdrawal methods currently available are SEPA, Wire Transfer, ACH and US Check. Bitsafe customers can also get a Bitsafe Debit Mastercard which they can use to purchase goods and make ATM withdrawals. Bitsafe withdrawals by region are subject to Bitsafe’s available methods.

How to register for a Bitsafe account

Register for a new Bitsafe account via My MV > Settings > Payment Method > “Bitsafe” drop-down option, or pair your existing Bitsafe account from the same location. Once you have registered or paired your Bitsafe account successfully, your eligible payouts will be transferred free of charge to your Bitsafe account (USD 50.00 minimum earnings applies).

Setting up Bitsafe is a simple, three step process

1. Register for a new Bitsafe account, or pair an existing Bitsafe account, from your MV Account Settings > Payment Method   section.

2. Follow Bitsafe’s instructions to install and link the Bitsafe app on your mobile device.

3. Complete the final verification steps with Bitsafe directly, to withdraw funds in your preferred method.

For direct assistance with your Bitsafe account or questions about how to use Bitsafe, please reach out to:

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