How do I sell a unique Vid Bundle ?

 Looking to sell a unique vid bundle on MV that is different from your Membership bundle? The vids will need to be sent as an MV Link to the purchasing member.

First, decide which vids you want to package together. The type of bundle you choose to create is totally up to you, so get creative! The vids included in the bundle will have to be ones already uploaded to your MV page. 

Next, you’ll want to decide if you want to sell the bundle under your vids section or as a store item. If selling the bundle as a vid, you’ll need to upload a vid as a placeholder which could be a custom preview of the vids included, or could be one of the vids in the bundle. If you decide to create a store item, you can select the item type as “Vid Bundle” and can also include a preview vid if you so choose. 

Make sure to add a clear title so members know it's a bundle, and in the description be sure to let them know what vids are included in the bundle. You’ll also want to mention in the description that the vids will be sent to the member via an MV Link (click here for more info on how to send an MV Link).

You can send it to them directly through private message and once they redeem the link, all the vids will be added to their Purchase History for their viewing pleasure!

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