Site Basics: Search tool

Basic Search

In the top menu, you'll find the ManyVids search tool:

The search bar

You can type any search term and hit enter or click the search icon to view all results for your search term. Your search results will be grouped by Vids, MV Girls, Producers, MV Boys, MV Trans, and Store items. You can expand your search within each group by clicking "Show All" to the right of the group name.

Suggested results

You'll also get suggested results as you type into the search bar. Typing in a search term will give you the top 10 search results in a drop-down menu. You can filter by All items, Vids, and Creators by clicking the underlined item at the top of the menu. "View All" will take you to a page showing all results for your search.

Click "All", "Vids", or "Creators" to filter your results. Click "View all results" to see more!

How do I find vids on ManyVids?

You can find more detailed info on our vid search and advanced search here: How do I search for vids on ManyVids?

Voice Search

For desktop MV users, we offer voice searching as part of our search features. You can activate it by clicking the microphone icon to the right of the search bar:

Click the microphone icon to the left of the search icon to activate voice searching.

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