Tips for becoming a successful MV Star!

MV is an adult social media platform that gives you a storefront from which you can sell your content and generate revenue. Like all social media sites, being active and engaging with fans is the key to becoming successful. Here are some tips to get noticed as a successful content creator:

  • Create a fun profile by uploading vids, store items, pictures, fill your about section and add services (Video Chat, Text, MV Crush Club, Custom Vids etc). Did you know that just uploading a profile picture will increase your chance of sales by almost 65%?
  • Upload a minimum of 7 vids to offer variety to your fans to choose from.
  • Have fun and interesting store items such as panties, bras, shoes etc. Store items are usually physical goods but can also be photo sets and texting / chatting packages.
  • If you have more than 7 vids, 5 store items, 15 pictures, a profile picture, and a completed about section, it will increase your chances of selling of almost 55% compare to a profile with less choices.
  • Using your social media profiles and inviting your fans to visit your MV Profile is the best way to get started.
  • Simply being active will make all the difference! Uploading new content and promoting it on your social media and on MV will increase your chance of sales by over 80%.
  • Link your Twitter account to ManyVids and let us promote you. We have a dedicated marketing team working to increase your exposure and give you more promotion.
  • If you want to be promoted, simply email to request a promotion opportunity. Our MV Marketing team is always looking for new faces and new MV Stars to promote to our millions of active MV Members.
  • In addition, we have the MV Promo Blaster, which will automatically Tweet out your sales from your Twitter profile. So, make sure to link your Twitter account!
  • Your fans are your best customers. Invite them to follow you on MV and stay in touch with them.

It's as easy as that! If you follow these steps and invest time (daily or weekly) you'll become a true rising MV Star in no time!