How do I update my MV Live Portrait Photo?

Did you know that just uploading a portrait picture will increase your chance of sales by almost 65%? Our new and improved Live page helps draw in viewers by displaying your best portrait pic to grab their attention! Your portrait also links back to your profile from MV Live!

The photo that is displayed on the Live page for each Creator is the same as the portrait pic that is shown on the left side of your profile. The smaller circular image shown below the portrait photo is your avatar photo, which is shown on the "Creators" page.

To add/edit or delete these, go to your profile (click My Profile) and click on the blue pencil icon at the bottom of your portrait. This will give you the option to customize the image that is displayed on the MV Live page to help members find you. 

For further information on updating your profile pics, click here.

You can also visit the MV Live section of our Creator Help Center for more information on MV Live and its features!

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