How to post on FanClub

If you have a pic or vid you'd like to show off to your followers or a promotion you'd like to share with fans, you can do so in your Activity feed. All you have to do is, go to the "FanClub" tab in your profile > locate and click the tab, FanClub (Free). 

- Scroll down to the empty box below this tab and click inside it. From here you will be able to start creating your post. 

- You have the option to post text, emojis, pics or vids to your FanClub feed.  Select the image icon to post multiple pics or the video icon to share your vid. Vids can be a maximum of 5 minutes long and in any of the following file formats :M4V, MP4 and MOV. 

- Next, you can add your text to the post. 

-Be sure to declare any co-performers by toggling the option to 'Yes'

Use this option to declare your co-performer(s)

- Once your post is ready, hit the <Post> button in blue.  

If you want to make sure that this post gets the best exposure on your feed, click the 3 grey dots to the right of your post and select 'Pin to Profile'. This will keep your post pinned to the top of your feed, so that it's the first post fans will see when peeking through your activity. 

To link a special post on other social media platforms or to share a link with fans, click the 3 grey dots to the right of your post and select, 'Copy Link'. 

Need to remove your post?  Simply, click the 3 grey dots to the right of the post and select 'Delete'. 

 Post Specs

5 Character Minimum
1000 Character Maximum
20MB Maximum File Size/each pic3GB Maximum File Size
20 Minutes Maximum Length

If you will be uploading content to your feed that features another performer, click on the link here


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