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  1. How to schedule posts in your VIP FanClub!

    We've made it so easy to manage your VIP FanClub with our scheduling tool! With scheduled posts you can keep your VIP FanClub active and your fans engaged, while you have more time to do what you love! To schedule a post or multiple posts in yo...
  2. 85% Payout on Your Direct Sales

    We are excited to announce that as of November 1, 2021 MV Stars will be able to unlock an 85% PAYOUT on their vids, store items, vid memberships, custom vids, tips, contest votes, MV Live token tips & services by having their fans purchase direc...
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  5. Promote Your Content: MV Ads

    At ManyVids, we want all content creators to thrive and be as successful as possible. To help MV Stars gain exposure and drive traffic to their MV Profiles, we have set up a new promotional tool called MV Ads. This feature has been in the works for...
  6. Update - Removal of Top Earners Bonuses

    Earlier this month, we aimed to check the pulse of the MV Community by introducing a survey to MV Stars regarding the removal of Top Earners prizes on MV. The survey concluded that 76.8% of participants voted to have Top Earners removed and would in...
  7. Edit Vids Page - Co-performer Declaration

    Describes step by step how to declare co-performers featured in your vids uploaded to ManyVids, including how to provide required documentation.
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