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  1. Custom Vids: Your Guide to Success

    Your complete guide to success for custom vids!
  2. What MV Star account type is right for me?

    Looking to sign up to monetize your passions on ManyVids? Find out what kind of MV Star account would be best for you!
  3. MV Stars RevShare Info

    Everything you need to know to ear extra income referring new Stars to MV!
  4. MV Live: Your Guide to Success

    Your complete guide to success on MV Live!
  5. I've received a DMCA takedown from MV

    What to do if you've received a DMCA from us!
  6. MV Community Awards

  7. How To Join ManyVids

    How to join ManyVids as a Member.
  8. Can Stars vote for other Stars?

  9. How do I change my profile contest link?

    You can find everything you need to know here:  How do I change the contest link on my profile to another category? ...
  10. What is MV Community Team Choice of the Year?

    Awarded to the MV Star who entered one of the award categories but did not win. MV thinks you, your community spirit, your imaginative vids, and your effort are worth some recognition!

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