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  1. MV Live 80% Payout!

    The MV Team is excited to announce our new 80% payout for MV Live! This means that your token earnings will increase from $0.06 to $0.08 per token. This is a great opportunity to maximize your revenue, gain more exposure and connect with even more f...
  2. Privacy

  3. How do I reactivate my deleted MV Star/Producer account?

    Looking to come back to MV? We're excited to have you back!
  4. Profile

  5. What is my MV Score and how do I increase it?

    Learn all about MV Score and reach for the top!
  6. FAQs

  7. MV Awards!

    Want to know about the MV Awards? You'll find what you need to know right here!
  8. MV Live: Your Guide to Success

  9. How do I add a profile picture? (Avatar, Teaser, Portrait and MV Intro)

    Make your profile stand out!
  10. What is the MV Dashboard?

    Learn all about the MV Dashboard here!

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