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  1. Services

  2. How to use "Pay To Open" Messages

    All the details on Pay To Open messages!
  3. External links on MV

    To support our efforts to make MV a safe space for all users, external links / URLs and text mentions to other adult sites are not permitted. Watermarks in vids uploaded from February 20, 2021 onward that display links to other adult sites are also ...
  4. How can I win an MV Top Earners contest?

    We're giving away cash prizes every month!
  5. Getting Started

  6. What MV Star account type is right for me?

    Looking to sign up to sell content? Find out what kind of account would be best for you!
  7. Profile

  8. How do I find my monthly ranking?

    Learn more about your profile's trends by checking your monthly rank
  9. How is the MV Live Score calculated?

    Want to know how to increase your MV Live Score? Read on!
  10. Update - Removal of Top Earners Bonuses

    Earlier this month, we aimed to check the pulse of the MV Community by introducing a survey to MV Stars regarding the removal of Top Earners prizes on MV. The survey concluded that 76.8% of participants voted to have Top Earners removed and would in...

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