Updated Articles

  1. I'm from Canada, do I need anything for taxes?

    Upon signup, if you've selected that you are a Canadian citizen, you will have a section open in your settings called "Canadian Tax Forms" Inputting your Federal Registration Number will make tax reporting much easier for you when tax...
  2. [Member] Vid Streaming Troubleshooting Tips

    Having difficulties streaming? Look no further. Check here for helpful hints!
  3. [Member] How do I download my purchased vid?

    Looking to download a vid you purchased? Look no further!
  4. How do I download my own vids from MV?

    Are you looking for a way to download your own vids from MV?
  5. How do I add and edit services on my MV Store?

    Offer your services to your awesome fans!
  6. How do I run a Personal Contest?

    Run your own contest right from your profile!
  7. What is MV Social?

    The official ManyVids profile!
  8. What is the MV Fetish page?

    Express yourself and showcase your kinky desires in our Fetish page!
  9. How do I download the MV Co-Model Agreement?

    You can download ManyVids' model agreement form via your pathing. Just follow these easy steps: Drop-down menu>My MV>Settings>MV Co-Model Agreement. Or, click here to go directly to the form.     ...
  10. The MV Stars Page!

    Let fans find you in the MV Stars page!