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  1. How do I post content to my VIP FanClub?

    Provides a step by step walkthrough for posting to your VIP FanClub, including how to add text, images or vid content to your post.
  2. I found my vid on another site. How do I submit a DMCA takedown request?

    We want to make sure you and only you have a say in where your content is distributed.
  3. Payout

  4. Watermark acceptance criteria

    NOTE: Content uploaded from August 19, 2021 until December 31, 2021 displaying OnlyFans related watermarks are excluded from the below watermark policy. Watermark ing  your content is an important  step  to  help ...
  5. How do I upload a vid?

    Step by step walkthrough for starting the vid upload process, and links to articles that fully outline the entire vid publishing flow on ManyVids.
  6. What MV Star account type is right for me?

    Looking to sign up to monetize your passions on ManyVids? Find out what kind of MV Star account would be best for you!
  7. How do I connect my Lovense toy to MV Live?

    Connect your Lovense to MV Live!
  8. What is VIP FanClub and how do I set up this service?

    Outlines what VIP FanClub offers, and provides a step by step walkthrough for setting up an VIP FanClub offering on your ManyVids profile.
  9. How do I fill out/upload my W9 to MV?

    Need help uploading your W9? No problem!
  10. Why haven't I received my Payout yet?

    Still waiting on payout? Find out why here!

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